Frequently Asked Questions

Which languages ​​are supported?

manage4ALL is a multi-language solution which currently includes the language packages for German & English. These are installed via the language settings in the operating system & selected.
Security & data protection
All systems are in dedicated environments or data centers and are subject to the GDPR regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Do you offer monthly licenses?

Currently, all contracts are concluded after a period of one year [12 months] and are charged when ordering. For easier overview & Calculation we show the converted monthly costs per device & User.

Is the solution also available as an on-prem version?

Yes, dedicated on-prem use is possible. Please contact us directly about your technical requirements, we will be happy to inform you about the possibilities. email sales@buildingclouds.de

Which operating systems are supported CLIENT?

We currently support Microsoft Windows 7 and Server 2012r2 or higher. A Linux version is in preparation and testing, which we would like to make available to all interested parties for free testing as soon as possible. A client version for MacOS and a CLIENT.APP for iOS and Android are planned for a later date.

Which operating systems are supported APP?

The APP is currently available for Windows 10 or higher, as well as iOS and Android. The download can be obtained from the respective stores MICROSOFT | iOS | ANDROID or for Windows you can also manual install via the APP website. See navigation on the right.
Why does the remote connection take some time?
Due to the technological concept that all relevant parameters & Authorizations are checked by the system, a one2one or 1 : 1 connection is only made available after successful confirmation, this „feels“ like a little more time than some other remote solutions.

Which ports or releases are required in the firewall?

For the actual communication, data exchange, etc., we only needed port 443 TCP [https] and port 3478 UDP [STUN] from the “external” side, i.e. the Internet. Depending on the function, use, etc., additional ports can be used from internal to external if required.

Are there volume discounts, graduated prices or special conditions?

Yes, in order to be able to make you a suitable and individual model and an attractive offer, we ask you to contact us. Please briefly describe your type of company [e.g. Non-profit] as well as the framework conditions. We will be happy to contact you as soon as possible. email sales@buildingclouds.de

What happens to licenses for devices that are defective or are being taken out of service?

With these devices, the licenses can be “parked” with the same customer and assigned to “new” or replacement devices with the original license terms.
How can I upgrade the client version?
A license upgrade of the client or device is not possible. However, you can assign a different or new license edition to the device at any time. The previous license of the device is not taken into account, but instead „parked“ for you for further use with the original license terms.